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Desert Trips

  Half day trip to St .Catherine Monastery .

Every day from 7:30 to 14:30 pm ,the monastery is 135km from Dahab , opens from 9 till 12 pm , Ps : monastery is closed on Friday , Sunday and the feast days of orthodox,
Including (entrance , guide , lunch , & transportation ) [entrance , guide , lunch , & transportation ]

- Gebel Matamir

A range, 963 m high, comprised of several peaks. Sparkling dunes, small, narrow canyons, and strange sandstone formations. For experienced hikers.......more

  Over night Mosses mountain and St Catharine monastery .

Every day from 23:30 to 12:00except Saturday and Thursday ,
Including (entrance , guide , lunch , & transportation ) [entrance , guide , lunch , & transportation]

  Trip to Ein Khodra via the White Canyon .

Ein Khodra is beautiful Oasis , and breathtaking geology .Accessible by 4WD or Camels from the south via Ghazala valley , and walking via the White Canyon ,Including ( guide, lunch , & transportation ) [ 40 Euro , minimum 4 pax ]


Largest ancient Egyptian temple east of the Suez .formerly a Turquoise mine .Archeological remains from various periods , lookout points , and geological phenomena .

  Trip to the Colored Canyon

Every day from 8:oo to 15:00 , 80 km from Dahab on the Asphalt road + 17 km of the road , then walking for 1and half hour in a beautiful colorful sandstone canyon, winding and narrow , drop off and pickup by 4WDonly .including ( guide , lunch in Nuweiba & transportation ) [ 40 Euro , minimum 4 pax ]

- Narrow Canyon

Very narrow and winding canyon. So that part of the way you have to walk sideways. Accessible by 4WD or camels.

- Arrada Canyon

Canyon for the more adventurous hiker. A 5 m rope is needed (will be provided by the guide). Accessible by 4WD or camels.

- Haduda Sand Dune

Largest sand dune in eastern Sinai accessible via 4WD cars and on camels.

- Wadi El Gibi

Long and winding wadi, with waterfalls, large boulders and often very deep water holes. Accessible by 4WD and on camels. A rope for climbing will be provided by the guide.

All these trips can be organized as daytrips or as combined trips for more than one day and to many other destinations on request.

We also offer mountain dinner with a Bedouin family in the desert.