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Day 1
10:00 : - Meeting point if you are coming from Cairo , will be at Firan  Oasis switch to our Jeep and drive to SARABIT EL KHADIM ,from the Desert
- Lunch will be at 12:00 in Firan Oasis at the nun's Monastery , we will drive, of the road to Wadi MOKATTEB
15:00 :

Wadi Mokattab contains lovely sightseeing of ancient Nabatean writings for 3km sculptured on the rocks, It's the mother of ancient Arabic writing , this graffiti is dated between the Second and the third centuries AD. The Nabataeans were an ancient trading people who came southern Jordan and Canaan , Petra was their capital city .then to Maghara valley

17:00 :

Arrive to Wadi Maghara The name given to the Wadi Maghara in later inscriptions is "the turquoise terraces" The history of Wadi Maghara goes right back to prehistoric time ,the place is important for its documentation of the Pharaonic mining expeditions dispatched by the early rulers , not only the agents of the kings but the mining chiefs and even the laborers were eager to write stories of their victories and their hardships on the rocks , some of the relief remain on the rocks of the wadi , others are now in various museums , but meny have been damaged by attempts at mining . These caves are located at different altitudes inside the mountains. Can sometimes reach the 500m. Some of these caves have ruins of great mining industry at that time. You can easily reach see the turquoise and many other gem stone at a higher level above the caves levels. Ruins also contain old sculptured writing curved even before history. Most of the monuments were stolen are or broken during the colonial era. Wadi Maghara was discovered by British Scientist Sir Pollmar earlier at 1868.

20:00 : Dinner and sleep at Bedouin Families at Maghara and this will be the end of first day .

Day 2

 Traveling to Sarabit El-Khadem through Wadi Bodra road passing by Remeala Village. Arrive to our camp with Bedouin family from Mezena tripe. The road to Gabel Sarabit where the Temple of Hathor is , The temple of Hathor at Sarabit el- Khadim stands on a massive rocky outcrop at an altitude 850m above sea level in the highland of Sinai 6o km from the coastal toun of Abou Zenima . It is not the easiest place for tourist to reach and perhaps should be considered more of a tracking expedition than just monument visit , but the experience is worth muscle-ache endured afterwards . We can set off after noon to climb straight up , the eastern side of the mountain from the village a steep route which takes about an hour . 

Day 3

Driving through large desert plateau east of Sarabit el-Khadim, On a sloping hillside there is unique geological oddities to be seen on the Sinai , It is large group of black lava Ėlike twisted columns of rock which appear to grow out of the side of the mountain . then, our professional driver will ascend to Gabel Homayer to see panoramic view for Wadi el ĖSih , Then driving from Wadi ELSIH , through Gharaba , to Zaranig , lunch will be on the way to ZARANIG. Passing by Ain Um Ahmed Oasis .to the- Colored Canyon Driving to the COLORED CANYON Dinner will be at the head of the colored canyon , and sleep . 

Day 4
 Early in the morning after breakfast we will enjoy hiking through the Colored Canyon for 1hour and half . One of the natural wonders of Sinai , the canyon walls reach up to 40meters , Colors formed by the natural elements over centuries, the walls of the canyon cascade with colors as result of ferrous oxide and manganese. Lunch at Neweba , From Nwebaa , driving along the cost to Abou Galoum Bedouin camp, Dinner will be prepared by the Bedouin , enjoy sitting next to the fire under the stars, Sleep will . itís the end of the 4ed day . 

Day 5
RASS ABU GALLUM Itís a Bedouin camp by the sea , known for its excellent diving and snorkeling sites . So early in the morning before breakfast we will jump in the water to watch the fishes with the one of the most beautiful coral sites in the Red sea . After lunch Camels with cameleers are ready to ride along the cost North direction from Nuweiba to Dahab Blue hole , Then Jeep will take us from Blue Hole to a nice luxury Hotel , because you deserve it